#haikunauts. We be the haikunauts of the present and future, users of a singular OS, designed from the ground up without any heavy inheritance to forge a new era of computing.

Born as the closed source BeOS back in 1991, Haiku is an open-source complete reimplementation of BeOS, whose development began in 2001 and keeps evolving on the foundation of a clean, responsive, user friendly operating system with a modular design.

What was said back in 1991 when BeOS was designed, hasn’t changed much in the past years, and seems it’s not likely to change in the years to come, as operating systems evolve into code behemoths. Therefore, there is still a need for an operating system that is fresh, and Haiku is sure fresh even now, straightforward, and with a responsiveness that is hard to be seen in the snail-like OS of today which need plenty of processing power in order to move things around.

We believe in a different way of computing, and building a better world.

What People Say

I have a feeling that software today is inferior… that it’s totally driven by marketing decissions

Pavel Cisler 1998

The original goals were to make it fast, 64bit capable, have journaling and support attributes and indexing.

Dominic Giampaolo 1998

(about servers) Performance and stability… There’s no way it could bring down the system.

George Hoffman 1998

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