Tip 1: Blacklisting

When installing Haiku on hardware, the user might have to face some sort of trouble at boot time, and choose some safe mode options in order to properly boot to the Desktop or the Installer.

Once the installation is complete, if nothing is done, the next time the user boots Haiku will need to toggle again those safe mode options in order to complete the boot process and finally look at the brand new installed OS.

To address this issue, while better drivers are not available, what the user can do is Blacklist those troublesome elements that prevent Haiku to boot. This can be done at installing time, once the installation process has concluded, or after booting for the first time the new shiny OS.

Picture 1: location of -kernel- file where blacklisting is made

The file the user needs to touch is named kernel, located in the folder


Picture 2: -kernel- file, showing safe mode options

Opening the kernel file in a text editor (StyledEdit, Koder, Pe…) shows all the safe mode options available, that one can select at boot time by pressing the SPACE key.

What the user needs to do is uncomment the line that relates to the item that is causing trouble. Or copy the line without the comment (as is the case in Picture 2). Remember to save the file afterwards, so the changes will prevail the next boot.

With this procedure, the user can keep the safe mode options toggled permanently.

Such procedure can also be done after installation and before the first boot of the installed system, by opening the said folder inside the disk where Haiku was installed and modifying the kernel file there. That way the user can be sure that the first time Haiku is booted, it will boot fine.

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